Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Coconut Fun!

Mrs Tofia from the University of Otago came to visit and teach us about the coconut this week.  We heard the myth/legend of how the 'face' on the coconut came to be - ask me at home and I'll tell you all about it :)  

Mrs Tofia shared with us some tricks of where to hit the coconut to crack it evenly and we watched as Mrs McRae & Mrs Herbst tried to crack the coconut with a knife - but it was too hard!  Finally Mrs Tofia cracked them and we were able to taste the coconut water...some of us liked it more than others.

Once they had been cracked open Mrs Tofia got out some special wooden planks with scrapers attached to the end and she showed us the technique for scraping the flesh out.  We all had a turn and it was so much fun - you have to be very careful not to scratch yourself!

Once we had enough coconut flesh we were able to use a special type of 'straw' from a banana tree to make the coconut cream.  We wet the 'straw', put a lump of coconut flesh in the middle - wrapped it up as best we could and SQUEEZED as hard as we could..The coconut cream poured out and we got to drink that too :)

It was an amazing experience for all of us and it was cool to see some of our own children from Tonga sharing their knowledge as well.  Thanks Mrs Tofia!

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